Playin’ “Cowboy Pinball” in Kentucky


A game of “Cowboy Pinball” at an event in Kentucky over the weekend sent two participants flipping through the air, while an angry bull appeared to pin a third man against a railing.

According to a report from The Owensboro (Kentucky) Times, the game was held as part of a “Bull Bash” event at the Owensboro Sportscenter on Saturday night. The object of the game is for volunteers to grab the $100 bill affixed to a bull’s torso without leaving their assigned locations in the ring — circles outlined in white chalk.

Video of the “Cowboy Pinball” game shows a bull tossing two people in the air and chasing a third toward a railing as the man tries to escape.

“It’s raining cowboys!” a voice blares over the speaker system after the second man crashes to the ground.

sourced: USA TODAY ‘Cowboy Pinball’ gets dangerous as bull flips, chases participants