Community Standards

ElectricCityLife is here to provide information, connect our community, and encourage conversations that improve our community. In order to provide this forum, we need everyone to be on the same page.

We are all aware of problems within our community and blaming individuals, groups of people, or institutions will not solve problems. All comments on ElectricCityLife, social media, and other associated publications will be free from maliciousness, blame, and gross generalizations based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex/gender, national origin, age, or disability. This doesn’t mean that our posts will be entirely free from such references (e.g. posting the race, sex, etc. of a suspect), or that we don’t encourage the discussion of how these general “categories” impact our community; it simply means we will respect each other.

Respecting each other also means that profanity will not be tolerated. Sure, sudden outbursts, when you hear breaking news, may include profanity, but in the time it takes you to write a reply, you can clean up your language. This includes any photo comments you may post. There are plenty of free apps out there that you can use to censor the language on your “perfect” meme.

Anonymous letters, comments, or other types of dialogue will not be tolerated or otherwise permitted on any of our publications or associated internet properties. All postings or other communications with regard to the community will be attributed a “source” — There are plenty of other local and regional publications around that will gladly entertain your need for remaining unknown or otherwise anonymous … we suggest that you use those other publications to do your bidding. Ours is to encourage thoughtful, and respectful commentary, as it might relate to the community at large.

Our Community Standards are subject to change without notice and comments/pictures posted are subject to moderation outside of these standards at the discretion of a moderator; however, if you follow our Community Standards, it is unlikely that your comment will be hidden or deleted. All submissions, photos, and comments become the property of ElectricCityLife and we have the right to re-distribute submissions at our own discretion. Credit for submissions may be given to the name on the electronic account used to submit information, or other name or business as arranged prior to submission.