That ‘ol Indian Fry Bread’ made of lard & flour


By 1890, the Lakota people, once powerful and free, were entirely dependent on the U.S. government.

The U.S. had forcibly removed our people from our homeland, confined them to reservations and cut their rations by half.

That ‘ol Indian Fry Bread’ made of lard & flour ~

“Do you know where the ‘idea’ of frybread comes from, young one?”, asked the Elder.

Everyone sat back and looked so eager to hear the story this beautiful Elder was about to tell, all smiles.

“Buggy flour and rancid lard”, he said softly with his head down. “Flour, you know, with bugs in it, and lard that had gone bad — that was all we got from the Indian Agent.”

“That was all we had to cook with, it was all we had to eat. Buggy flour and rancid lard. And so we ‘cooked’ with both.

That is how this European mystical and wonderful idea of ‘frybread’ came about. I just thought I would tell you.”

Courtesy of Claudette Johnson